What I do

With a wide angled scope I can manage your department giving you a sense of relief.

With 20 years of experience in managing developmentteams and servicedesks I can help you reach a higher level of experience. 


Freelance UX manager and Art director

Listening to the needs of the customer I can translate their wishes to the development or Art department.

Discovery & Strategy

Agile and scrum development methods give a fast and acurate result for the end user.

User Experience

As a productowner you have to be able to listen to your customers and translate their wishes into tasks.

Web Design & Development

Using various design applications to communicate with the frontend development team.


Monitoring development using different types of dashboard and report software.


My philosophy

When creating a new project or application you must keep in mind the customers wishes but also keep the User Experience optimal. Place yourself beside your customer and really try to grasp their problems, issuses and challenges.

Easy to use

Does not mean "simple". It means intuitive and naturally. 

Customer Friendly

A low-treshold and low-complexity keeps most projects positively friendly in use. 


Stay in contact at all times, even when you do not have a positive answer. Not communicating is the death sting for your project.