Crowded rooms

Crowded rooms

"Fantasy inspires and triggers the mind in most creative ways possible. My art is an personal quest in search of dreams, inspiration and little trips to an alternative reality. An escape to a fantasy realm"

Marleen Vorster

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Fantasy design - imaginering

The lively inspiring mind

"a non-stop bubbling brain full of imagination and inspiration"

The imagineer

"Creativity and inspiration, that's what drives me". The design of new concepts and the reinventing of existing ideas always kept me busy. On the street, at school at work ... there are always ideas and new challenges. My only problem is often the lack of time to execute all those thoughts.



The artist

After studying at Sint Lucas in Boxtel (advertising and presentation techniques) I switched to the art academy in Tilburg. There I qualified as a teacher in art contemplation and art history. I decided to walk into a different direction and started as a manager in an IT company. I learned about graphic design and worked in Photoshop and Illustrator. I combined my education with the IT knowledge and so MadameThenadier was born. At first she started doing photoshop contests on the internet. But soon a recognizable style was developed existing of photomanipulation in combination with illustration. 

Services Provided


Product covers

Music covers

Book illustration


Wall painting

Poster art

Matte painting

Game art

My favorit design software for image processing is Photoshop. But I use many different products from Adobe's creative cloud, Illustrator, InDesign, After effects, Lightroom. Through the years Adobe always was the winner for me. 

I started out using a Wacom Intuous tablet but a few years ago I switched to a Wacom Cintiq which allows you to work directly ons screen. 

I always start out with a moodboard of my concept including a few sketches. Also I make a light plan because the light always plays such a strong part in my work. When my conecpt is ready to go I work with models who are photographed at high quality reolution matching the lightplan I ccame up with. The photographer I preferably work with is Peter Jan Fernhout from XziXzi Photography.

After the shoot my creation machine starts to work and I work on the initial plan. The results you can see in my gallery.

The FiXzi Factory

The FiXzi Factory

"Is a collaboration between Peter Jan Fernhout from XziXzi Photography and Marleen Vorster. Together they create high quality professional images for personal or corporate use. 

The Fixzi Factory

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Marleen Vorster:

Artist, imagineer and UX manager



About Me


UX manager

What I do

With a wide angled scope I can manage your department giving you a sense of relief.

With 20 years of experience in managing developmentteams and servicedesks I can help you reach a higher level of experience. 

Listening to the needs of the customer I can translate their wishes to the development or Art department.

Agile and scrum development methods give a fast and acurate result for the end user.

As a productowner you have to be able to listen to your customers and translate their wishes into tasks.

Using various design applications to communicate with the frontend development team.

Monitoring development using different types of dashboard and report software.


My philosophy

When creating a new project or application you must keep in mind the customers wishes but also keep the User Experience optimal. Place yourself beside your customer and really try to grasp their problems, issuses and challenges.

Does not mean "simple". It means intuitive and naturally. 

A low-treshold and low-complexity keeps most projects positively friendly in use. 

Stay in contact at all times, even when you do not have a positive answer. Not communicating is the death sting for your project.

Dream images

Dream images

"It is always an impossibility until it is done."

 With dream images we make dreams come through. If you can dream it we can create it. 

The Fixzi Factory

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A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

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