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Where did you learn how to use photoshop?

I went to art school and learned the basiscs of many editing programs. Photoshop seemed most appealing to me because of the huge amount of possibilities it has got. After Art school I lost touch with the creative part and started to work at an IT company. When I was 30 I refound my interest in Photoshop again and started to follow tutorials and watch other artist do it. I tried and failed a lot but everytime I created something I learned some new techniques and gained some skills. And still have a lot to learn, that will probably never stop.

How do you make a paintover?

That is my most asked question. Painting over is just using an existing photo and paint it over with a low opacity brush. It allows you to work fast and accurate. Also if you don't have such great drawing skills it helps to give you  a steady ground. This technique is often debated as not being "real" art. But we can't all be great in everything. :)

Are you a proffesional artist?

Yes, I have made work for commisions. My works have been used in applications, christmas cards, logo's and game development. And although I don't mind creating at request I love making stuff that I like for myself. If you want to use my work in a commercial way please contact me and we can work something out.